Elpis #1: Father

In a world where magical abilities are utilized through the Nexi Stones, there is one stone that stands high above the rest, shrouded in myth and mystery-the Elpis.

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Broken into fragments centuries in the past, the Elpis waits to be pieced back together, and to grant its user godlike powers that could reshape the world forever.


Raised in a quiet town, Terico would rather be off fighting monsters, or on adventures than working in his parents shop, but life ambitions change dramatically, however, when his village is attacked and everything he holds dear is taken away from him.


Delkol, leader of the feared Brotherhood and ruler of the aggressive Shire Kingdom, seeks the pieces of the Elpis, and is willing to burn Terico’s village to the ground in order to find one. When the terror has passed, Terico stands at the greatest crossroads of his life, there is only one thing on his mind-one goal that encompasses his very existence.


Based On: Elpis by Aaron McGowan (Novel Version). – Link

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Issue Blurb-

Terico, Turan, and Terico‘s father deal with a monster plant in order to obtain some Berial—a plant that Terico‘s mother can use (as a herbalist) to concoct medicine for the village medical center.

Premium Color 6.625 x 10.25 in or 260 x 168 mm Saddle Stitch (28 page comicbook) on White w/Matte Lam

Mcgowan, Aaron Author   About Link
Bob, Raigen Artist



Market Price Release Date
United States 6.99 USD August 10th 2016  US Link
United Kingdom 6.99 GBP August 10th 2016  UK Link
Canada 9.99 CAD August 10th 2016  CAN Link
European Union 6.99 EUR August 10th 2016
Australia 9.99 AUD August 10th 2016  AU Link
Brazil Printer Network 6.99 USD August 10th 2016
Germany Printer Network 6.99 USD August 10th 2016
Russia Printer Network 6.99 USD August 10th 2016
South Korea Printer Network 6.99 USD August 10th 2016
Poland Printer Network 6.99 USD August 10th 2016
India Printer Network 6.99 USD August 10th 2016

Order Elpis #1: Father at your local bookstore by quoting this information below.

Title: Elpis #1: Father
ISBN: 9780994552242
1st Edition
Page Count: 28 pages (full color)
Size: 6.625 x 10.25 in
Spine: Saddle Stiched
Weight: 0.189  lbs /  0.085 kg

Sample Pages From Elpis #1: Father –

0 - opening Terico copy

Stay tuned for more of this brand new comic series “Elpis”, Based on the Novel Elpis by Aaron McGowan.

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