Making a Racist: IDUBBBZ vs Tana Mongeau [YouTube Drama]

After days of video silence, iDubbbzTV has uploaded his Content Cop video on Tana Mongeau. The video, which comes after he’s been accused of physically assaulting the 18-year-old Storytime YouTuber, seeks to explain all the controversies of Tana Mongeau by using old videos, offensive language and screen-grabbed YouNow/Snapchat footage to “expose” the young creator.

In Tana’s original video, she describes what happened when an unknown fan paid a large amount of money to come to her meet and greet to “physically” and verbally threaten Tana with the “n-word”. After uploading the video, fans quickly realized that the unknown fan in question was in fact iDubbbzTV, a YouTuber Tana had previously threatened to “kill himself” on Twitter months before.

Tensions were high for days following the reveal, but now Ian (iDubbbzTV) has uploaded his footage of their encounter, in addition to spending 20 minutes attacking her online fame and previous misdemeanors for his Content Cop series.

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