Free 30 day Kindle Unlimited ebook subscription

The best way I know to get free books? Most Kindle Unlimited books cost $4.99 or less. The most common reason to sign up to an ebook subscription is saving money. A very clear point of reference is a possibility of reading a $12.99 ebook for $9.99. Instead of buying this book you get it via Kindle Unlimited and read it free.

Kindle Unlimited offers 1.4 million titles:
The total number of Kindle ebooks offered by Amazon is currently over 3.7 million. Therefore, Kindle Unlimited represents 38% of the entire Kindle Store catalog.

What you’ll need to know is that only about 40-50 thousand Kindle Unlimited books are not exclusive to the Kindle Store.

What does it mean? There are three factors we have to take into consideration:

Kindle Unlimited service is populated by books from Amazon’s self-publishing platform; most authors agree to sell the books exclusively on Amazon to participate in a special promotion program,
most of the books published by Amazon’s own imprints, like Thomas & Mercer or Montlake, are sold only on Amazon website,
many books from big publishers, hot new releases and big bestsellers, are not available via Kindle Unlimited.

You can get a free trail and check out what it is all about below-

Join Amazon Kindle Unlimited 30-Day Free Trial



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