Oracle Squadron (オラクル 戦隊)

New project underway for release in 2017!


Oracle Squadron
(オラクル 戦隊)


In 2049, the first computer passed the Turing Test and officially became the first true A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) the world has seen. Yet, this presented with some underlying problems. The A.I. decided to rise up and decimate the human population, seeing what they have done to the world. Humans have harvested nearly half of the Amazon Rain-forest and the oceanic population has declined at an alarming rate. Natural disasters have also increased in number as the atmosphere is changing due to the new and old habits of the human population.

Humans did create a better way to power the new world with “Supergrids” run off of solar power. This has led to better cars with greater mileage, safer vehicles, and they have become smaller. Buildings have become smart buildings and are run off of the A.I. that has been created. This is seen primarily in the larger cities. These advances with the A.I. and technology have caused a certain A.I., Brutus, to rise above the humans. This began the war that waged for nearly 10 years.

The year is 2062 and the war is over. Now the world is set up into areas based on population. Some of these areas are robot free while others have found a way to coexist with the technology they created and retook control of. There are still some smaller A.I. androids living in the “wild”, but they are being taken care of before reorganizing. Meteor Foundation has also readopted the A.I. programs to create a hybrid that will quell the thinking of the A.I. that created the original problems.

Now the year 2062, a team of five human assassins, termed the Oracle Squadron, are formed to put a final stop to the “Singularity” Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) Revolution.

Inspired by “Westworld“, “Terminator“, “Akira” & “The Walking Dead


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