Is it time to Pokemon-go play something else?

​Niantic started out releasing updates more frequently, but lately they’ve been on an every-other-week schedule. Here’s a list of all the dates for their last major updates (there were some minor updates made in between these dates):

  • July 6: Game launches in Australia, New Zealand, and the United States
  • July 13: Login issues fixed; Crashing problems resolved
  • July 20: Minor text fixes
  • July 30: Footprints removed; Avatars made customizable
  • August 8: New sightings feature added; “Nearby” feature released in San Francisco; Nicknames can be changed once
  • August 23: Appraisal feature added; distance tracking slightly improved

We are now into September with our hopes for the Pokemon-Go game now slowly diminishing with every update. From launch (well even before) we wanted pokemon trading, to be able to battle friends and the ability to track pokemon in the real world, three things that even 2 month’s after the game launched still have not been addressed. We have been told in the new update we will be getting a ‘buddy’ system, but I ask you this, what good is a buddy if he cant actually do anything? We all wanted a functional game, this all feels a bit ‘No mans sky’ to me.


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