Pokemon-Go: The hunt for Ditto and the 1km egg [Video]

Update: This Looks to be a hoax by the mods of the subreddit –

Ditto might still be out there and we don’t want to miss anything so give us your Easter eggs and Theory’s

videos of a guy claiming to have hatched a ditto all look to be set up by the mods of the subreddit. they blocked me from commenting or viewing the subreddit because I brought it into question. the story has inconsistency all through the video.

The story goes he had a 1km egg, that he didn’t know where it was from, he hatched it out pop’d a ditto. The next day he was saying it was from an employee of niantic. Now he was saying he got the ditto taken but still has the pokedex entry.

A reddit user has gone and conducted an interview with Cash Kelley, who is allegedly the first to unlock Ditto! Yesterday video emerged on YouTube of the player hatching a ditto from a 1KM egg.

Please share the news with the other pokemon go related subreddits and let the others know where to check. People are unsure if the 1km egg is a reward for something, perhaps hatching X amount of eggs or visiting X amount of pokestops, again might just be a hoax but this is all very exciting!

Here are a few teasers from the conversation with Cash:

  • It hatched from a 1KM egg.
  • The 1KM egg appeared in his inventory and exceeded the cap of 9 eggs.
  • Images and *proof of the Ditto Egg



The proof?


^ we can’t verify if this is real or not. but has spelling errors and says its from Niantic Ops, is Alex Vernov a liar? do you think it was all a hoax? let us know bellow.


WhereIsDitto is a new sub-reddit for those who don’t buy into the BS story that someone Hatched a Ditto from a 1km egg. The hunt continues


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