Pokemon-go: Ditto Found in a 1km egg? Videos have emerged of the hatching.

videos have emerged by “Cash Kelley” showing him hatch a 1km egg.

If this is led to be confirmed, our goal as a community is to identify on how to get a 1km egg.

Please do note that these videos do have slight contradictions.

  • Ditto does not spawn from eggs.
  • There has only been 2km, 5km, and 10km eggs.

Update 1: We had a redditor who chooses to remain anonymous, spoof to the gym and message us a screen shot of the Ditto at the gym it was at. It is no longer there since it has been knocked down.

Update 2: We will be attempting to get in touch with Cash to verify if this is real. If it is validated, we will host an AMA with him so that we can figure out how to unlock the 1KM egg.

Update 3: There are numerous CSUN(Cal State University Northridge) students reporting they saw a Ditto at a gym.

Update 4: Rather than attacking the guy and down-voting his videos, lets all be polite and rational. If it turns out to be correct, he would be our only hope at solving this Easter egg. It is okay to disagree and point out issues however any offensive or violent comments will be deleted and subject to banning.

Source: Reddit post


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