Elpis #1: Father – Set for worldwide release on the 10th of August!



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#1 Father

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In This Issue: Elpis #1 Father

Terico, Turan, and Terico‘s father deal with a monster plant in order to obtain some Berial—a plant that Terico‘s mother can use (as an herbalist) to concoct medicine for the village medical center.

Stay tuned for more of this brand new comic series “Elpis”, Based on the Novel Elpis by Aaron McGowan. Art by Bob Raigen, cover art by Lintwood Lewis (art) & Aaron McGowan (color and design)

ISBN/SKU: 9780994552242


United States 6.99 USD August 10th
United Kingdom 6.99 GBP August 10th
Canada 9.99 CAD August 10th
European Union 6.99 EUR August 10th
Australia 9.99 AUD August 10th
Brazil, Germany, Russia, South Korea, Poland & India  Printer Network 6.99 USD August 10th

You can read a free Digital copy of the first issue below.

(**Please note this is not a permanent upload and will be removed once the comic is released. so enjoy while you can!)


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