Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 6 -Blood of My Blood- Post Episode Recap and Review

Today we talk about game of thones season 6 episode 6 “Blood of my Blood”

In this week’s episode of game of thrones starts with Bran and Meera about to be eaten by the Night King’s hordes, Just like hodor was last week. When a figure riding from the woods swinging a big firey weapon, makes short work of them. Later in the episode we find out that it is Benjen Stark, the stark who vanished north of the Wall way back in season one. Uncle Benjen is back – and reborn, as the undead warrior Coldhands. It now seems likely that Benjen and Bran’s undead bodyguard in the books, Coldhands, are… the SAME PERSON. Benjen is now only sort of alive, having been resurrected by the Children of the Forest as a badass slayer of White Walkers and I think this is their way of saying “oops, we messed up” after creating the Walkers in the first place.


Over at Horn Hill, the of House Tarly, and Sam’s birthplace, we finally meet Lord Randyll Tarly who doesn’t like much of anything, least of all his firstborn son. He is condescending, and mean-spirited it seams as he glares openly at his son, who he hasn’t seen in years, and then continues to mock him. Gilly stands up for him, and tells the astonished family that Sam is actually a hero. as He’s killed a Thenn and also a White Walker.


Gilly receives chuckles and disbelief. as most people south of the wall belive there’s no such thing as White Walkers, of course she insists, and in her recounting of Sam’s heroics, she let’s slip a key detail about her identity, that she was traveling down to castle black. Lord Tarly soon discovers she’s a Wildling, and he gets even worse and more vicious, to the point that his wife, Lady Melessa, and Sam’s sister, leave the room with Gilly. We are left with a Painfully awkward silence, as Sam, Lord Randyll, and Sam’s younger brother Dickon are the only ones to remaing at the table.


The most important detail to come out of the dinner, however, was Lord Randyll’s possession of their family sword: Heartsbane. This is one of the few Valyrian steel blades in all of Westeros. Jon has Longclaw. Brienne has Oathkeeper. From What we know of Valyrian steel is that it’s one thing that can slay a White Walker. That makes Sam stealing Heartsbane all the more awesome. I didn’t expect him to make such a bold, and dangerous, move. No doubt, if Lord Randyll catches Sam, he is likely dead. On the other hand, this puts Valyrian steel into the hands of one of the only people to ever kill a White Walker (along with, as far as we know, Jon and Meera.)


In Braavos, a girl is on a mission. A girl has no name, but she seems amused now rather than upset by the play she is watching. She laughs at Joffrey’s death, as she did not see it it person i think this moment was better than the beheading of her father we saw the week before. She also notices the young actress, Bianca, jealous of the older woman who plays Cersei, mouthing her lines. The girl sneaks inside before the curtains fall, and poisons the older actress’s drink. But on her way out, the girl is noticed by her target, and is drawn into a conversation. The woman’s name is Lady Crane, the diva of the Braavosi acting troupe, and someone who, we learn, has made many in her company jealous.

When Lady Crane tells the girl she thinks the writing is terrible, the girl says “Why don’t you change it?” She tells the actress that Cersei would not have merely wept at the death of her child. She would have gotten angry. Then the girl leaves, and we see Lady Crane go to take a deadly drink, but the girl swoops in and knocks it from her hand. “Be careful of that one,” she says, pointing to Bianca. “She wants you dead.”
Another girl is watching all of this. a servent of the many faced god. She tells Jaqen H’ghar what happened, and reminds him that if the girl failed, he promised her she’d be the one to go and kill her.

Meanwhile, the girl gives up on her career as a Faceless Man, and goes back and grabs her buried her sword, Needle. A Girl is no more as Arya pulls away the rocks, like Arthur drawing Excalibur from the stone. And just like that needle has returned to us.
Soon we’ll get a show down between the two girls, and im sure Arya will stick that mean little girl with the pointy end.

Back over at kings landing Margaery realizes there’s nothing like an extended stay in a filthy dungeon to turn thoughts towards the spiritual. Margaery, is going Full Sparrow it seams and played out quite convincingly, giving us a deliciously awkward conversation between the Queen and her boy-King. It looks like this previously scheming Tyrell noblewoman is now finding a powerful truth in the faith and the gods.


In light of her religious awakening, Margaery appeared very much up for stumbling naked through King’s Landing as peasants waggled their man-bits. However, the anticipated Walk of Penitence was holted twice over, first by Jaime bringing in the Tyrell army and, incredibly, riding a horse UP A FLIGHT OF STAIRS! and once again by the reveal that King’s Landing is now ruled by King Tommen And the faith militant, it looks like he has finally drunk the cool aid and fully signed up to the High Sparrow’s loony cult.

Jaime is ordered to go march on Riverrun, to take back the castle of House Tully from the Blackfish, Catelyn Stark’s uncle. The Freys have lost it so once again, Jaime will be in the Riverlands, while Freys and Tullys fight. What he does when he gets there remains to be seen, but I think perhaps we’ll start to see Jaime change.
After all, Brienne is also riding for Riverrun and the Blackfish, to try to enlist his support against Ramsay Bolton. Sounds like the man will be plenty busy fighting off Lannisters and Freys, however.

On the other side of the sea the Mother of Dragons had us on the brink of blinking away an actual tear with Ser Jorah’s big Greyscale reveal last week. But this week she is introducing her new Dothraki army to her fully armed and operational dragon, Drogon. Monster effects can be a bit hit and miss on Game of Thrones and many of us are still trying to erase memories of Daenerys’s Falkor the Luck Dragon moment from last year. But this played out a bit better, with Drogon showing off some gnarly fire breathers.


Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 6 -Blood of My Blood- Post Episode Recap and Review


Quote of the Episode “BURN THEM ALL” comment #BURNTHEMALL if you read this all, thank you.



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