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Author Aaron McGowan is probably best known for his Elpis and Haders novels.

The 28-year-old Australian writer is currently carving a successful niche in the adventure fantasy genre, having already reached #3 in the Action & Adventure and #1 in the Sci-fi Graphic Novels charts on the Amazon Best-Sellers list.

Melbourne born Aaron’s debut was at New Melbournes’s Armageddon Expo in October 2011 at an artist table where his two full-length Elpis novels sold beyond his expectations.

As well as his Elpis series and Haders novels, Aaron is also the writer behind the popular manga style Sci-fi comic AslashD.

The entrepreneurial niche publisher, based in Bendigo, Australia is
currently working on his as-yet untitled third novel, Aaron is also in negotiations working on putting some of his work into an anime cartoon series.

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