Review Brew: Free Comic Book Day Captain America

Pop Culture Uncovered

Captain America Story: Nick Spencer (Writer), Jesus Saiz (Artist)

Spider-Man Story: Dan Slott (Writer), Javier Garron (Artist)

Free Comic Book Day is the one day of the year where comic companies gets to audition itself to the non-comics reading public and convince them to keep coming back. To that end, Marvel seems to have the FCBD formula down pat: it takes its “push” characters for the year and publishes them in standalone stories which still have a lead-in for the reader. But if this year’s Captain America comic seems to be a little repetitive of Marvel’s past offerings, that’s OK: this book isn’t aimed at people already reading Marvel, but at general audiences who need to know that coming back is worth their while.

So Captain America is, unsurprisingly, piggybacking off a certain movie that came out this weekend to remind the public that there’s more Cap stories out there. Serving as a…

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