The Pillar of Solilos #Amwriting 

Started work on #Pillarofsolilos 

The Pillar of Solilos 

Knowledge can destroy even the greatest sword…
Magic is increasing in power. Synthetic magical items are appearing all over the Westlands, causing imbalance in the world of Omen. Solilos, a small village and the source of this mystery, comes under terror as a pillar of great power is found.

Stuck at his post Sinner, a jail guard, dreams of becoming a NexiKight. Not for a love of adventure but for the love Heola, an elvish peasant whose path he can never cross.
However, if Sinner is to become more than just a city guard, he must prove himself to his Captain and his new team and more importantly himself.

His test to become an adventurer: A top secret mission to destroy a magical item known as the pillar of Solilos.

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I will keep you updated on the progress of this novella, please subscribe for the updates.

– Aaron


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