Adventure fantasy Author Aaron McGowan’s AUS and NZ tour dates! 

Fantasy Novel Author 2016 Tour Info

2016 will be very exciting for all adventure fantasy fans. There will be many great new shows, movies and of course – books! On top of that, there will be a few interesting events in Australia and New Zealand where many famous authors and contributors in this genre will showcase their work and plans.

Aaron McGowan, best known for his fantasy Elpis books will be part of a few global events that will be held in this part of the world.

First of all, he will participate in the AiCon convention. AiCon or Anime Island Convention is the most popular event of this kind in Tasmania. It is mostly focused on the popular Japanese Anime industry. This event will be held over a weekend in the beginning of March. It will be organized by the Tasmanian Pop Culture Society a non-profit organization. The AiCon will feature a myriad of competitions, educational and cultural demonstrations, fashion activities, theatre sports, video game competitions, panels, traders, anime screenings and many other things that Anime lovers love.

Next, Aaron will be part of all oz-Comicons – the ones held on April (Perth and Adelaide) and the ones in June – Melborune and September Brisbane and Sydney. Oz Comi-Con offers one of the best pop culture experience you can get. This event brings people close to some of the most popular names in the field of anime, manga, comics, fantasy, sci-fi, movies, TV shows and animated series.

The tour will continue with the Supanova event in Melbourne (two months later, the same event will be held in Sydney). This event is organized for 16 years now. It is best known for the presence of many celebrities and less known authors who are worth checking. All the people there both the participants and the visitors are all about Sci-Fi, cartoons, comic books, fantasy, gaming, toys, movies, series and entertainment technology. What makes this event special is the presence of celebrities. This year won’t be different. Aaron McGowan will be touring alongside Jack Gleeson for example. For those who don’t know, Jack Gleeson is the young actor that was in the role of Joffrey Baratheon in Game of Thrones. This was probably one of the most hated characters in this globally popular TV show, but we can all agree that Gleeson’s performance was fantastic. Another famous actor that will be part of this Supanova event is Christopher Judge who played one of the main roles in Stargate SG-1 – Teal’c. He also played in X-Men: Evolution.

Finally, another popular fantasy event that Aaron McGowan will be touring is the Armageddon in Wellington. This is the most popular event of this kind in New Zealand. One of the most famous stars that will be part of this event is Richard Dean Anderson or Colonel Jack O’Neill from Stargate SG-1.

During his touring Aaron McGowan will be selling new prints of his novels) the 4th edition from 2016) and he will also release his latest comic AslashD #1a. Don’t miss this chance to meet Aaron this 2016!



Hobart – Anime island convention  

March 19th-20th @ Wrest Point Convention Centre



Perth – oz-Comicon 

April 2nd-3rd Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre


Adelaide – oz-comicon 

April 9th-10th Royal Adelaide Showgrounds


Melbourne – supernova 

April 15th-17th Melbourne Showgrounds



Wellington – Armageddon

June 3rd-6th Westpac Stadium


Melbourne – oz-Comicon

 – June 11th-12th Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre


Sydney – supernova

June 17th-20th Sydney Showground, Olympic Park



Brisbane- oz comicon

 – Sept 3rd-4th Brisbane Coast Convention & Exhibition Centre


Sydney- oz comicon 

Sept 10th-11th Sydney Exhibition Centre @ GI



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