Elpis free kindle download – 5 days only! (19th – 23rd of January)


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Starts: January 19, 2016 Finishes: January 23, 2016 Elpis (Kindle Edition)

Free download link: Elpis on Amazon

It is true that we can’t read as much we’d love to. But we all love to do some light reading from time to time. A book that suits our convenience should at least meet criteria like this:

* Should have an interesting plot, but simple enough to read through without trouble.
* Should have some humor; doesn’t have to be a comedy, but a few light moments make a good reading.
* It shouldn’t be too long; 300 – 400 pages are okay; working life doesn’t give us that much time anyways.


“Elpis” by Aaron McGowan is just the perfect adventure fantasy novel!



Edition: 4th

In a world where magical abilities are utilized through the Nexi Stones, there is one stone that stands high above the rest, shrouded in myth and mystery-the Elpis.

Broken into four fragments centuries in the past, the Elpis waits to be pieced back together, and to grant its user godlike powers that could reshape the world forever. Raised in a quiet town, Terico but life ambitions change dramatically, however, when his village is attacked and everything he holds dear is taken away from him.

Delkol, leader of the feared Brotherhood and ruler of the aggressive Shire Kingdom, seeks the pieces of the Elpis, and is willing to burn Terico’s village to the ground in order to find one. When the terror has passed and Terico stands at the greatest crossroads in his life, there is only one thing on his mind-one goal that encompasses his very existence.


Here’s why you should grab a copy of this novel:


* It is an action filled story; no boredom!
* Some 362 pages; not too long for you, but just long enough to engage you.
* Lots of action but no sexual violence; therefore suitable for teenagers and young adults.
* Captivating yet simple plot; you don’t have to think too hard.
* It is available in kindle and paperbacks

The book is among the top 100 Amazon bestsellers, and it would make a great read for people of any age or education.


Free download link: Elpis on Amazon



4 comments on “Elpis free kindle download – 5 days only! (19th – 23rd of January)

  1. Aand I don’t have any device to get it on.


  2. I just got my copy, will hopefully be reading asap 🙂


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