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Elpis  –

Terico, a young boy from a quiet town, feels stuck working in his parents’ shop. He is hungry for some adventure, obsessed with the idea of travelling the world and fighting monsters. And the chance for adventure comes, somehow, though in a painful way when his village is attacked by the cruel leader of a Brotherhood, Lord Delkol Shire, who will stop at nothing to get the pieces of a certain magical stone called The Elpis Stone.

Once his village massacre is over, Terico’s new mission is well cut out for him – Revenge! He embarks on a mission to reclaim what was lost in his village.

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Reviews of Elpis;

“As someone that can enjoy just about any book, I can’t speak to the style, technique, prose choice and other qualities that literature is judged by. BUT I can tell how much I enjoyed this story! I felt like I was reading a video game. Specifically something that would fit in with the Final Fantasy perfectly. Add elements of Dragon ball and other modern fantasy culture and I would expect the result to be something like Elpis. There were some literary tropes/devices that lead you to think you know what will happen next, then you find out that you were wrong. Mostly unpredictable, I found myself saying “holy cow!” The action scenes were very clear compared to many other books that attempt description of close hand combat. I felt like I could picture what was actually going on. The use of the nexi stones in these battles was very creative, though sometimes repetitive. A quick read, surprises and great visuals made this a very enjoyable story. Thanks Aaron!”
“I’m very good at predicting outcomes, but I didn’t see the end of this story coming at all.  Elpis was a very touching book about love in all forms. Not that this book didn’t pack a punch! I would be lying if I said it was like walking through a field of flowers and sunshine. This book is filled with emotion, even though it’s a tragedy of sorts, with a storyline that goes beyond just Terico’s mission. The people on this journey with him are more than just characters in the background, each playing their role in such a well-written plot. McGowan writes fearlessly, which is refreshing in an author. He wasn’t afraid to let people go, and he didn’t allow his characters play the victims. This is a great book that I would recommend to anybody.”




AslashD –

2013 – 2015

Graphic novel

– Includes the first 3 Chapters!

– 23 Full Color Pages!

– All sales support the full releases.
World War 3 was devastating, the remnants of the planet’s population has moved to titanic dome cities deep within the protection of the mighty ocean. They said it was salvation… A new beginning, but what has really changed…

Dome 9; Sol City is taken hostage when the only police station (The S.C.P.D HQ) comes under Attack by an unknown masked man. A small group of Police Officers including the Chief Spencer Woods, Prof. Tyler Cox and the misfit Nelson Huff fight impossible odds to take down this madman retake the city and save their futures.

Art By Bob Raigen, Story By Aaron McGowan & Jake Potter, Hellfun Publishing – © 2013 – 2015

– an ongoing Sci-fi police action comic.

Sol City Police station, the only police station in the futuristic underwater dome city is attacked by a masked man, a man that can change his appearance at will.

This unknown man claims he has bombs in every person in the city. He then takes control of the station and takes Sol city as his own…
Chief Woods makes a getaway with an unlikely bunch of Officers, Tyler Cox the cocky P.H.D and the lazy Nelson Huff who is obsessed with his hair. Is this team of misfits enough to take back the station from the mad man?

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