Starwars Episode 8 (VIII) predictions / Theory on Rey – Warning Spoilers

Starwars Episode 8 (VIII) predictions / Theory on Rey – Warning Spoilers review

Star Wars Episode 8 – What will happen to Rey?

There is no doubt that Star Wars: Episode 7 was one of the best Star Wars movies. This is the episode when Kylo Ren killed Han Solo, we have finally found out what happened to Luke, the Starkiller Base was eliminated and Rey figured out that she could freely use the force. Rey is definitely one of the most interesting characters in Episode 7 and the good news is that the authors have decided to keep Rey in the Episode 8 too! When we talk about Star Wars Episode 7 or The Force Awakens, we must highlight the fact that this movie was full of surprises which leaves us room for many speculations for the next couple of Star Wars episodes that were officially confirmed not while ago.

Rey is the name of a human female scavenger that operates on the planet of Jakku. No one knows her parents and what we can find out from the movie is that Rey was left on Jakku when she was 5 and as already mentioned – her parents were humans. Jakku is a place that served as one of the main battlefields in the war between the Galactic Empire and the New Republic. Obviously, this battle was fierce because Jakku is full of junk. Her life was changed when she met BB-8 a specially designed droid that has a star-chart with the location of Luke Skywalker. In addition, Rey meets stormtrooper Finn and they became partners and friends. Rey discovers that she has special powers and that she can get in touch with the force. This is why she got visions and learnt more about the lightsaber that is known in her hands. There were many things that happened to Rey, but in the end, she found Luke Skywalker on an interesting planet made of water and oceans.

If you are like most people then you have probably felt the same thing – Rey looks like she is Luke’s daughter, but experts agree that we can’t expect this mystery to be solved in Episode 8 (maybe in Episode 9?). We can definitely expect Luke to teach Rey how to fight even better, so we will see some training scenes. In addition, we can expect a battle between Rey and Kylo even though we cannot say whether Kylo will definitely lose and die or be held as a prisoner. Another thing that got many people who watched Episode 7 wondering is who is Rey’s mother? If Luke is her father who could be her mother? Episode 8 will hopefully shed some light on this mystery. While we are talking about her parents, there is another theory that she is actually Han Solo’s and Leia’s daughter. There is also a good chance that she is Kylo’s twin that will obviously make the situation even more complicated. It would be very difficult for Rey to kill Kylo if she finds out that he is her brother.

Episode 8 might be the episode where we will find out that Rey’s mind was wiped and this makes a lot of sense, given that Rey is an excellent fighter even though she didn’t have much training. The training sessions that she will have with Luke might refresh her memory and help her understand that she was a jedi in the past.
We can also expect to see more scenes with Rey and Finn and it is very likely that Episode 8 will end with these two characters in the focus. There is something between them that makes them stronger and more efficient and this is exactly what the Force needs.
Even though it is very early to talk about Episode 9, some people claim that this would be the episode when Luke Skywalker will die and his role in this sequel will be similar with the one Master Yoda has in Episode 6. So, Rey will get some training although insufficient, but since Rey is very strong and she might be trained as a Jedi before, she should be able to eliminate the First Order once and for all and protect the New Republic. It is not unusual to expect the formation of a completely new Jedi Order in which Rey will be the main character and leader.

Star Wars Episode 8 will be released on May 26, 2017 and there is no doubt that this will be another great movie that will fulfill our expectations.


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