Sometimes I like you talk – Here’s a tip for you. [Aaronelpis]


Just my random thoughts… you can find the image on my facebook page 🙂

When my life was falling into place, I found this image and I can’t find what it was called. I find it so powerful. what do you think it’s trying to say?

I look at it with the interpretation that no-matter how much you hate someone or are mad at someone that you don’t stop loving them on the inside, if you loved them, you love them. Adults may try and hide this fact…

But we all have that inner child that just wants to play, make friends, make things and have fun, but as we get older does our pride get in the way? Or is it our ego? is it society? Or is it me? I admit sometimes I fuck up but that’s what life is, We’re all just doing the best we can.

We don’t know why we are here, yet we act like we do.. we are walking through this life “pretending we know” what life is, guess what?

Here’s a Hot tip for you -nobody knows.

Remember growing up you thought adults had a plan, well we are the adults now, make a plan, inspire someone, make a connection. Live. Stop making excuses and start making actions. Always remember kindness, compassion and love are all free.

Be kind today people xx
much love, Aaron McGowan

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