2015 DBZ TCG Nationals Melbourne – getting ready – Blue golden Frieza deck preparations!


Just a quick video of me explaining my plans for the Nationals for the Dragon Ball Z card game by Panini. will list deck fell free to make suggestions

S17 Frieza – Tyrant
P16 Frieza – Golden
S19 Frieza – Galactic Conquerer
S20 Frieza – Revived
S29 Blue Protective Mastery

R107 Blue Suprise
R109 Blue Crush
S124 Blue Defensive Stance x3
S144 Blue Swift Block x2
S135 Blue Fist Smash x3
S105 Blue Rest x3
S38 Blue Mental Drill
S48 Blue Reprimand
S144 Blue Swift Block
U78 Blue Flinch
S143 Blue Crouch x3
S133 Blue Neck Beam x3
S125 Blue Narrow Escape x3
C23 Blue Lifting Drill
C20 Blue Battle Readiness
S97 Blue Positioning Drill x3
S54 Blue Energy Overload
S53 Blue Arm Blast
S65 Blue Guard
S68 Blue Avoidance
S75 Blue Rock Throw
S74 Blue Torpedo
S91 Blue Ki Build Up x3
S32 Blue Strech Kick
S87 Blue Wrist Block
S86 Blue Fist Catch

C1 Namek Dragon Ball 1
C2 Namek Dragon Ball 2
C3 Namek Dragon Ball 3
C60 It’s Over 9,000!
U111 Empowered Flying Kick
U107 Visiting The Past
U112 Enraged Blast
C59 Energetic Left Blast
C60 Lookout Drill
U115 Frieza’s Captive Strike

C9 Captain Ginyu – Aggressive
C11 Recoome – Ginyu Force
C14 Zarbon – Loyal Servant
C7 Lord Slug – Amazed
C6 Garlic Jr. – Confrontational

**Who wants to suggest the last 2 cards??**



Find out more about the event here:



2 comments on “2015 DBZ TCG Nationals Melbourne – getting ready – Blue golden Frieza deck preparations!

  1. Hey, I nominated you for the Creative Blogger Award! If you would like to participate, you can find the rules here: https://funnyanimepics.wordpress.com/2015/08/22/creative-blogger-award/


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