Panini Dragon Ball Z TCG Panini Set 4: Evolution (November)


The Androids have awoken in the new Expansion for the dragon ball z TCG by Panini, set to realease in November here is some info we have found online. not much is known about the expansion but with super Vegeta on the box we know it will be good, now we just have to wait until November to start riping off some androids hands…damn.


Dragon Ball Z: Evolution will be available in both Starter Decks and Booster Packs.

The theme of the new set is villainous androids, which seek to take control of the DBZ TCG universe. A new version of the hero Vegeta is also featured in this set.

To help new players get up to speed, Evolution will be available in six different pre-constructed and tournament legal Starter Decks. Each 60-card deck will include 4 parallel and 6 Prizm cards. The Prizm cards will include 4 Personality cards, a Mastery card, and a random parallel card. Starter Decks will be sold in 10-deck display boxes.

Booster Packs will include 12 random cards per pack taken from the total of 140 new cards. The cards in this set will support both new deck types and current deck styles. Foil versions of the starter deck Personality cards will also be randomly inserted in booster packs. Booster packs come 24 per display, with 24 rares and 8 foil parallels in each booster box and 1 Ultra Rare card in every other box.

Screenshot (7)


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