New Manga Project 2016 – Stop The Lottery (First Preview)


Stop The Lottery is an upcoming Australian manga style comic Written by Aaron McGowan and will be Published by in 2016.


Pro Gamer Haru Kuro has a lot of spare time on his hands, one day while training for the upcoming gamming championship he gets an instant message informing him he has won the lottery, the world is coming to an end but he has just won a ticket on the Hoipoi-sky Salvation rocket. The problem is he can only take one person with him…


Not so pro-Gardner Sanaa Kuro is the brother of Haru, he spends most of his time working for little money and getting into fights with other gardeners (that’s actually how he got that scar.)

The words “EAT SCYTH” may have been screamed…he is very territorial.



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