Attack On Titan Gets Chibi Spin-off Anime Series (with Video)

Keen to see a Titan rock band or a human vs. Titan volleyball match?  It’s just been announced that Saki Nakagawa’s Attack on Titan spin-off manga is getting an anime TV adaption called Attack on Titan: Junior High School. The new series is not only chibified, but also a brilliantly twisted parody. The story follows the adventures of Eren, Misaka and Armin as they enter a new school – Titan Junior High! It’s important to note that Eren still harbours feelings of hatred towards the Titans that he’s going to school with… because one of them ate his cheese meatloaf. The new chibi series, produced by Production I.G, features many of the same voice actors as the original Attack on Titan anime series. Check out the awesome promotional video that has just been released: Attack on Titan: Junior High School will air in Japan this October! Stay tuned for more details. See the video

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