Rick and Morty season 2 Episode 1 – “A Rickle in Time”

“A Rickle in Time” Wes Archer Matt Roller July 26, 2015

Rick and Morty  season 2 – Episode 1 – “A Rickle in Time” Review
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“What A Red Grim Rumble.”


Rick and Morty is back for Season 2. It was rapidly apparent show hasn’t lost its touch in the 15-month break since Season 1 wrapped up. “A Rickle in Time” had it all – a strange reason that became progressively silly after some time, a lot of funny character association and a shocking measure of enthusiastic weight. To put it plainly, this was an awesome approach to commence the new season.


For the most part, the Rick and Morty scenes are pretty straightforward, with most of the episodes components taking a running storyline. It was a treat to see that this scene grabbed right where “Ricksy Business” left off a year ago, Morty and Summer have invested six months solidified in energy into recovering the house from its trashed state and with the help of science (and Grandpa Rick’s cleverness) the trio unfreeze time and welcome Beth and Jerry back home while frantically keeping away from any kind of physical contact as it may shatter them into millions of theoretical pieces. Fortunately for them, hurling a wad of “untraceable monies” and recommending an ice-cream run appeared to do the trick.


If you haven’t seen this show i would recommend getting on it as even the Simpsons are getting involved!


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