Sunnyville Stories Volume 1 & 2 by Max West [Comics]



Sunnyville Stories is an alternative comics series that tells the saga of two teenagers in a remote village.  Sunnyville is a tiny village that is surrounded by vast wilderness of forests and mountains.  Isolated from the hubbub of the modern world, anthropomorphic animals go about their daily lives.  The story begins with a teenage cat from a big city named Robert Duncan, better known as “Rusty”, moves to the hamlet with his parents.

sunnyvilleno12page 13

Rusty isn’t happy about leaving behind everything he’s ever known, but his mind changes when he meets a local country girl named Samantha Macgregor, better known as “Sam” for short.  From here, Rusty and Sam have many adventures.  Their adventures lay with interacting with the townspeople and dealing with challenges that come up.  So far, Rusty and Sam have faced local bandits, put on a play for the town, met three brothers with confusing names (Who, What, and Why) and also meet a traveling rock band.

  sunnyvilleno12page 15

At this time, creator Max West is working on the thirteenth story which will be posted up for free on his DeviantArt gallery (Link below),  as will the fourteenth story.

Two full trade paperbacks are available.

Sunnyville Stories Volume 1 (ISBN 9780615653921)
Sunnyville Stories Volume 2 (ISBN 9780989069601)

Collecting seven entire stories.

The third paperback, Sunnyville Stories Volume 3 (ISBN 9780989069625.), will collect stories number eight through eleven; it’s his plan to put out the fourth volume in 2017 and the fifth in 2018.

You can find Max West on his blog: Here Or On His Deviant art: Here Or His Website: Here

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2 comments on “Sunnyville Stories Volume 1 & 2 by Max West [Comics]

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