Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’ – First DBZ IMAX 3D movie – Part 2 [Anime] [Movie] [Info] [New in DUB]

Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’ – First DBZ IMAX 3D movie – Part 2


In Part 1 we talked about the first ever IMAX 3D anime movie about Freeza being resurrected and planning an invasion of Earth while Goku and Vegera are elsewhere. This is how Freeza plans unfold.

Bulma puts out a distress call which reaches Goku and Vegeta. Seeing the danger Freeza represents, Goku and his crew travel to Earth. Along the way they are joined by Whis and Beerus who are in because they desire to eat a strawberry-flavored dessert prepared by Bulma.

Goku fights Freeza

Immediately when Goku arrives to Earth he engages Freeza. He transforms into Super Saiyan God with blue hair and Freeza transforms into Golden Frieza form. During the long battle Goku starts to gain the upper hand but at the last moment Sorbet helps Freeza out, shooting Goku in the chest. Now Freeza has Goku before him on his knees and overs Vegeta, Goku’s friend, to kill Goku or die by the hand of mighty Freeza. Refusing to do so, Vegeta transforms into blue-haired Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan, surprising Freeza with defiance.


Meanwhile Goku is revived by Kuririn using Senzu bean. In rage, Freeza shots at Goku only to see his blast intercepted and deflected by Vegeta to Sorbet’s chest, killing him. Vegeta power fights Freeza causing him to revert back to original form. Freeza knows now he cannot win, so he decides to destroy the planet and thereby killing Vegeta. Moments after Earth itself is destroyed, but Whis uses a small piece of rock, creates a bubble around it and saves himself and the others.

Goku in rage and triumph of good

Goku is hurt by the face he could not finish Freeza of. It is only then when Whis tells him he can set back time but only for 3 minutes. They return right before Freeza is about to destroy Earth. In his anger, Goku uses everything he has and attacks brutally with a Kamehameha to give a final deadly blow to Freeza.


After they free the world of Freeza and Z fighters go their separate ways, Goku and Vegeta discuss teaming up. Being good friends they could combine their powers and be more powerful than even Lord Beerus. Vegeta, however, says that alliance could make them powerful but he wants to train on his own to become the best fighter ever. Goku is in agreement with him, which is must surprising, and the two of them go on their separate ways.


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