Theory on Dragonball Super- an evil Goku!? – [AlphaManga]


So recently we have got ahold of some dragon ball heroes screenshots and it leads me to think of a theory for Dragonball super.

Akira Toriyama said in Dragonball super we will see our heroes  “fighting their neighbors”


Could we see an evil Goku…?!


Time Breaker Bardock (The Masked Saiyan)

I wonder if in this week’s episode we will find out that all of universe six is just badass ‘other’ versions of the heroes… so then who could be the real SSJ-GOD??! would Vegeta have to save earth from himself? Or even a nice wimpy Vegeta So many possibilities with this…


we would love to know what you think of this theory let us know below! If I end up being correct please give me credit for this article! thanks!!!

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