Meet the Team at @ – Member Profile #1 – Aaronelpis


AlphaManga Team  Member Profile #1 – Aaronelpis

Aaronelpis – The World Builder and Destroyer.


Job: Fantasy Novelist / Writer / Blogger @

Aaron’s Social Accounts:

Instagram: aaronelpis
Facebook: Aaron Mcgowan


The day he thought he was a Saiyan…just Saiyan


The “Elpis” Series is written by Australian Author Aaron McGowan, containing two full-length adventure fantasy novels. He has hit the world of Promotion head on, selling books anywhere he can. he had his debut on the 22nd and 23rd of October 2011, With an artist table at the “Armageddon expo” and almost sold out of books on the day.


His dream is simple He “want to tell a story” at the moment He’s working on his 3rd novel (yet to be titled) all while commissioning artists to make his first novel into a manga style comic. His final goal is for his epic fantasy story to become an anime.

Dreaming only stops when you close your eyes…

“Hang on,” Areo called back to Borely. “And quit screaming.” Borely laughed. “I had always hoped to die in a glorious way. Can’t think of anything more spectacular than this!” “Don’t die, you idiot,”
Aaron McGowan, Elpis: The potential for unlimited power is revealed


The Work’s of Aaron Mcgowan: Releases and Future Releases 


Elpis Novels

Elpis (Book #1) [2011] – Amazon #3 Bestseller in Adventure Fantasy & #20 in Young-Adult

Haders (Book #2) [2013]

– UNTITLED (Book #3) [TBA]


Gangs Of Omen Novels

– The Art Of Illusion (Book #1) [TBA]


The Elpis Manga Series

( @TheElpisSeries on Twitter)

COVER alt2

“The road toward vengeance is a bloody one, and often connects to many other bloody roads, Jujor had said. That’s fine, Terico thought. I will accept the consequences. Turn the road into a sea, and I will dive in if I have to.” ― Aaron McGowan, Elpis: The potential for unlimited power is revealed

Art By Bob Raigen
Story By Aaron McGowan

The Elpis Series Manga – Elpis By Aaron McGowan

Elpis Issue #1The World Changes [2016]

Elpis Issue #2First Steps on a Bloody Path [TBA]

Elpis Issue #3Depths of the Forsaken [TBA]

Elpis Issue #4A Deadly Game [TBA]

Elpis Issue #5The Downward Spiral [TBA]

Elpis Issue #6Lifeless City [TBA]

Elpis Issue #7Hatred and Hope [TBA]

Elpis Issue #8Unexpected Reunion [TBA]

Elpis Issue #9Clash in the Skies [TBA]

Elpis Issue #10His Entire Heart [TBA]

Elpis Issue #11A War of Vengeance [TBA]

Elpis Issue #12The Fate of Destroyers and Saviors [TBA]

The Elpis Series 2.0; Haders Manga

Haders Issue #1A Bold Gambit [TBA]

Haders Issue #2Amongst Monsters [TBA]

Haders Issue #3Contention and Tension [TBA]

Haders Issue #4Tranquil Haven [TBA]

Haders Issue #5Necessary Evils [TBA]

Haders Issue #6Explosion [TBA]

Haders Issue #7 – Silent Regrets and Dreams [TBA]

Haders Issue #8 Crimson Tides [TBA]

Haders Issue #9The Winds Shift [TBA]

Haders Issue #10A Gathering of Impossible Power [TBA]

Haders Issue #11Madness Overwhelming [TBA]

Haders Issue #12The Shattered Fragments of Revenge [TBA]

AslashD – Comic / Graphic Novel

A4 Promo1 Wide version

AslashD – (WIP)
2013 – 2015

Manga Style Graphic Novel / Manga Style Comic

AslashD LOGO (1)

World War 3 was devastating, the remnants of the planet’s population has moved to titanic dome cities deep within the protection of the mighty ocean. They said it was salvation… A new beginning, but what has really changed…


Dome 9; Sol City is taken hostage when the only police station (The S.C.P.D HQ) comes under Attack by an unknown masked man. A small group of Police Officers including the Chief Spencer Woods, Prof. Tyler Cox and the misfit Nelson Huff fight impossible odds to take down this madman retake the city and save their futures.

Art By Bob Raigen
Story By Aaron McGowan
& Jake Potter
Hellfun Publishing – © 2013 – 2015

AslashD Releases and Future Releases


Aslash D #1- Descension – 25-page sample (Read free)
*sign up required OR donate by purchasing a digital copy: here ($2.95)

– Includes the first 3 Chapters!
– 23 Full-Color Pages!
– All sales support the full releases.


AslashD part #1AManga Style Comic (50ish pages) [2016]
AslashD part #1B – Manga Style Comic (50ish pages) [2016]
AslashD part #2AManga Style Comic (50ish pages) [TBA]
AslashD part #2B –Manga Style Comic (50ish pages) [TBA]
AslashD part #3AManga Style Comic (50ish pages) [TBA]
AslashD part #3B – Manga Style Comic (50ish pages) [TBA]

Graphic Novels:

AslashD Issue #1Manga Style Graphic novel (100+pages) [2016]
AslashD Issue #2Manga Style Graphic novel (100+pages) [TBA]
AslashD Issue #3Manga Style Graphic novel (100+pages) [TBA]

Ongoing Series:

Please Note Issues #4 – #10 will be produced in Black and White as an ongoing Manga Series. [TBA]

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