Dragon Ball Z: Battle Of The Gods (2013) Movie #14 film review [Anime] [Movies] [DUB]

Dragon Ball Z: Battle Of The Gods (2013) Movie #14 film review [Anime] [Movies] [DUB]


Dragon Ball Z: Battle Of The Gods (2013) – Review

Based around the ‘Dragon Ball’ manga from Akira Toriyama, released stateside by Viz Media, the ‘Dragon Ball Z’ anime follows the adventures of Goku, a Saiyan (an alien race of warriors ) raised on Earth after being sent there as a kid when his home planet was destroyed. As Goku learns the truth of his origins, he finds himself challenged by the variety of different alien, android and simply outright strange beings from throughout the universe. Alongside his friends, he fights to save Earth, regardless of whoever wants to destroy a big portion of it in the operation. That is what the Dragon Balls, orbs that (at any time) when all seven are gathered enable the summoning of a powerful dragon, named Shenron, who can grant the summoner one wish, Awesome right?

‘Dragon Ball z: Battle of Gods’ – Warning Some Mild spoilers below!


‘Dragon Ball z: Battle of Gods’ comes about following the events on the ‘Dragon Ball Z’ anime, after Goku and his fantastic friends defeat Buu. On Earth, people have gathered for Bulma’s birthday and also the celebration is in full force, although both Goku and Vegeta are each off by themselves, training. Far away, Beerus, the ‘God of Destruction’ awakens from a lengthy slumber and learns from his attendant Whis, that Freeza was slain by a Saiyan warrior. This peaks Beerus’ interest, as he slept, as he’d had a dream a ‘Super Saiyan God’ would arise as his rival.

I think the oracle fish Just Woke Up!


Anxious to discover this new challenge, Beerus locates Goku on King Kai’s planet and asks him if he knows anything regarding the Super Saiyan God, but Goku knows nothing. Never wanting to turn down a good fight, Goku challenges Beerus and the two have a rather quick battle. Goku doesn’t stand well in this opportunity though, with just a few strikes from Beerus, he is beaten. This leaves Beerus rather disappointed, so he starts to search out the rest of the remaining Saiyans, namely Vegeta, on Earth.

Your Turn Vegeta, Now Don’t Go Crazy.


Having been warned about Beerus, by King Kai, Vegeta attempts to make sure that Beerus (who’s joined in the festivities of Bulma’s party) has had a superb time and stays calm, or most of Earth could possibly be destroyed. It doesn’t take very long for something to occur, though, after Vegeta goes as much as to make a fool of himself dancing before everyone, Beerus loses his cool when Buu will not give him a pudding cup, sending him into a rampage.

This Is Why We Cant Have Nice Things…


As Beerus throws everyone around, including Piccolo and Tien, he then hits Bulma in the face (Beerus slaps her), sending Vegeta in a rage which sends him to even higher power levels than Goku, however the god carries on to prove that he’s too much for the “children” he is fighting. Goku arrives slightly late (as he does), so when Beerus makes offers to destroy Earth, he convinces the god to supply them a couple of minutes to figure out how to locate the Super Saiyan God, with the aid of Shenron, Beerus might have his battle.

I don’t wish to spoil any more of the story, so I won’t discuss the ending.


Visually, ‘Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods’ looked about just like you would expect a full film version associated with an anime TV series to look. Compared to the original series, the animation was smooth, looked a bit cleaner plus the picture was vivid. I Re-watched the film on my small computer screen, using a link supplied by FUNimation, seeing and hearing the film within a theater on its Australian release was a much more impressive experience. As far as the voiceover goes, everyone sounded the same as they did from the English version from the series, so no real surprises there. If you liked the English dub of ‘Dragon Ball Z’, then you definitely shouldn’t have a problem with the voice cast on the film.

This Is Just A Tribute! You gotta believe it! And I wish you were there! – Ah, f**k! Good God, God lovin’,


‘Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods’ feels more like a tribute, not just to the anime series, but for the fans which may have loved it for the last 18 years, and it also delivers a good amount of what we loved around the series, especially action and comedy. The film experienced a bit of fanservice, besides all the action just additionally in seeing the returning characters, Pilaf, Mai, and Shu felt right. The three were in child form, because they try to steal the Dragon Balls, naturally. It does, however, have a very few flaws, one being the story plot, things move somewhat too fast and Beerus really doesn’t get established as well as he might have.

The Fish Made Me Do It…


The film had an abundance of action, and yes it was nice to see Goku and Vegeta fighting in full form yet again. Vegeta also shows a new side of himself on this film, it was…nice, you truly get to determine how he feels about Bulma when Beerus hits her, and then for him to act like a fool to hold Beerus entertained for the sake of the Earth was a gift. It was also interesting to discover Shenron was flustered after learning that Lord Beerus was in attendance at his summoning.

Admittedly, I am very bias in terms of ‘Dragon Ball Z’, around my early teen years, when I would spend weeks at a time watching ‘Dragon Ball Z’, ‘Gundam Wing’ and ‘Rurouni Kenshin’ it was something I would look forward to daily on Cheese TV. With that said, if you’re a ‘Dragon Ball Z’ fan, or perhaps you enjoy the ‘One Piece’, ‘Naruto Shippuden’ and ‘Fairy Tail’ movies, you then will enjoy ‘Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods’.

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