Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn (1995) Movie #12 film review [Anime] [Movies]


Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn (1995) Movie #12 film review [Anime] [Movies] – Warning spoilers ahead:


Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn Anime review [Anime] [Movies] – Warning spoilers ahead:

And here it goes…


Mean and Green – But Haven’t we already seen?!


So it starts off with Pikkon and Goku having a martial arts tournament, I guess there isn’t anyone else in Otherworld for Goku to fight? I guess it is a Dragonball movie and we want to see some familiar action right off the bat. Trouble starts at king Yemma’s when one of his workers gets mutated and it causes a barrier that opens the gates of hell… Opps, so the dead return to the world of the living, Ghosts and vampires alike start causing trouble on earth. Goku and Pikkon go to the check in station, to “check in” on king Yemma.

Time to ‘Check In’ – Yemma, Check me out.


They soon find a giant yellowish orange blob called Janemba (or as I call him “Buu-Two”) they quickly began fighting as Goku is keen for a challenge. This form of Janemba makes some Little Janemba clones and Goku makes quick work of them, great Saiyaman and Videl find Frieza alive back on earth. Frieza and a butt load of other revived bad guys fight. Hercule also throws a few punches. Trunks and Goten are playing golf, Gohan and Burma summon the dragon using the Dragonball’s at capsule Corp, once again. They ask the Eternal dragon to send the dead back to the Otherworld but the dragon can’t do it as it’s beyond his power.

Playtime – Janemba you can have fun, but please take down the barrier.


Pikkon and Goku keep up the battle trying to take down the barrier. Goku shoots himself with a Kamehameha and Pikkon even tries to trash talk it… This also doesn’t work. Goku gets pissed and goes super Saiyan 3, he then beats up this orange blob into pieces until it reforms as a new form, a smaller more battle size Janemba. The fight in this form is pretty amazing with Janemba performing some next level stuff (he even has a sword) In this form he is red. Janemba still does very little with Goku taking the most hits from the super-charged monster….until Vegeta shows up unexpectedly.

Vegeta – Well that didn’t work…


Vegeta tries to slam on him but he can do some pretty gnarly transportation moves while stretching his limbs, Vegeta doesn’t last more than 2 minutes. So they hide. Goku suggests fusion Vegeta says he would rather die, Goku replies with “you’ve been dead” Janemba gets impatient and starts destroying stuff. Vegeta is still reluctant and Goku talks him into it and they form into a fat version of Gogeta.

Let’s join forces! – Wait…who’s idea was this?!


The cocky fat Gogeta gets beat on while Trunks and Goten take on ghost Nazi on earth. Vegeta and Goku separates and Vegeta is quick to blame Goku but king Kai tells them it was because of a bent finger on Vegeta a behalf. They fuse once more with the help of Pikkon who buys them some time before getting double punched to the head. Gogeta then after a quick battle turns Janemba back into his original good “ghost” form using a move called a “stardust breaker”. Goten and trunks also form Gotenks do a kamikaze ghost attack and lay waste to the dead and all is well in the universe once again.

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7 comments on “Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn (1995) Movie #12 film review [Anime] [Movies]

  1. Matthew says:

    I like this movie pretty funny as ever. Goku and Vegeta’s fight with Janemba and the fusion reminded me of the Buu fights. Veku was funny XD.

    Liked by 1 person

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