DBZ Kill Count in Pictures [Digital Media]


DBZ Kill Count in Pictures [Digital Media]


In Dragonball z Characters die and come back to life all the time, but these pictures show them very much dead. Spanish artist Alberto Cubatas help show it with visualized kills counts of some of the main characters.

Goku, Gohan, Vegeta and Trunks have done well by the look of it, but Yumcha on the other hand…,

Check out the artist’s DeviantART page for more, For more.

Son Gohan – Badass much? much too much


It’s true most of DBZ was (in my opinion) focused on the power of Gohan, but I Swear he had more kills than this, though. I could be wrong. Really looking forward to seeing him study in Dragonball Super. looking at the pages on the books I have to wonder if he reminisces about ripping arms off strange blue creatures…

Trunks – The destroyer of worlds


Speaking of strange blue creatures, Normally Future Trunks is very polite and well-mannered but Sword or no sword this guy kills. I still like the kid Trunks better, but at least future trunks is breaking some necks and taking some names. Well to be fair king cold did try…what a waste.

Goku – Still Fishing 


The kindest hearts do the most damage, well that’s what this looks like anyway. Goku for the hero of the series you sure do ruin a few people’s days. Besides Evil Buu, has Goku ever killed anyone that matters?

Yamcha – …And what does he do again?


Oh Yamcha…Hey.

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4 comments on “DBZ Kill Count in Pictures [Digital Media]

  1. Matthew says:

    I saw this and lol’d. I forgot that Goku did kill in the first Dragon Ball series and only killed Kid Buu in DBZ.

    Liked by 1 person

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