Sophie’s review of “Elpis By Aaron McGowan” on Goodreads – Jul 21, 2015 [Books]

Sophie‘s review of “Elpis By Aaron McGowan” on Goodreads – Jul 21, 2015

5 of 5 stars –Read in July, 2015


“Elpis by Aaron McGowan is an intense, fast paced, action packed novel.”

It is cleverly written by the Australian author and once you start reading you won’t want to stop. The story follows a young man, Terico, and his thirst for revenge once his village is attacked. He finds loyal companions along the way, who will fight with him until the end, but alas, as with any story, not everyone will make it that far. No one will survive unscathed and every reader will struggle with emotional turmoil as Terico keeps staggering on his path. Even still, there is always a light shining in the darkness, and for Terico, his light comes from the hope of finding his best friend, Turan, and the love of his life, Suran. If he can find them, maybe he can start a new life in a new village and create a new family.

“The book was written in such an intriguing way,”

because most characters you read about are completely selfless and heroic. The story is about Terico, who experiences a great loss and ventures on his journey for revenge. The fact that he goes out seeking to kill almost make the character seem more human, because not only was he thinking about others he was thinking about himself. He tried to protect his friends and he tried to protect everyone he met because he felt it was his duty and he raised his bar incredibly high, heaving a massive weight on shoulders.

“The idea of this novel is so alluring because the concepts are unheard of.”

I have never read a book like it and it is extremely interesting. There are familiar and unfamiliar creatures in this book which added a sense of familiarity and mystery. Also, the use of the nexi stones really fascinated me because it was such a well written idea that I had never heard of before which made this story a real page turner for me.

The characters in this book are all different in both their personalities and species which makes each individual character as interesting as the next. It’s hard to pick a favourite character because they are all great to read about, with either epic backstories or unbelievable talents. The characters, while fictional, still felt real and it was easy to keep turning the page to learn more about them. What was even more gripping and fantastic was it wasn’t only the good guys that I could relate too, I was also able to sympathise with the bad guy – Delkol.

“The plot in the novel kept me engaged and I couldn’t wait to read more.”

I would give this story a 5/5 because there is really absolutely nothing to fault about this fantasy. If you’re interested in the fantasy genre then this is a must read for you. Even if you aren’t into the fantasy genre, this book is still for you.”

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reviews: 10 – ratings: 19 (avg rating 4.32)

Aslash D #1- Descension: 25 Page Sample
Aslash D #1- Descension: 25 Page Sample

reviews: 2 – ratings: 2 (avg rating 4.50)

HadersHaders (Elpis Book 2)

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