Elpis by Aaron McGowan, Art by Bob Raigen [Manga]

Elpis by Aaron McGowan, Art by Bob Raigen [Manga]

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Did you know my Bestselling fantasy novel Elpis® is currently being made into a manga series?

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TERICO-a young boy from the quiet town of Edellerston, feels stuck working in his parents’ shop. Sick of making potions and gathering herbs, Terico is hungry for some adventure, obsessed with the idea of travelling the world and fighting monsters.
The chance for adventure comes, somehow, though in a painful way when his village is attacked by the cruel leader of a Brotherhood, Lord Delkol Shire, who will stop at nothing to get the pieces of a certain magical stone called The Elpis Stone.

TURAN-a young and skilled fighter, and Terico’s best friend. He and Terico are often seen in the mines located under Edellerston or coming home with scratches from a truly Embellished and unbelievable story.
When Turan is captured by Augurc and the brotherhood during the incursion in Edellerston, It leaves only Terico alive to bring down the brotherhood and rescue his friend.
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Borely Areo Analicia Kitoh Lanek Rilv Suran Terico's Dad Terico's Mom

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Awards- 2015 


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