Dragon Ball: Super Episode #3 Review [New in Sub]


Dragon Ball: Super Episode #3 Review [New in Sub]


So how everyone liking Dragon Ball Super? We still got all our Dragon Ball and Dragonball Z fans? Good. I feel It’s great to see the show is taking a slow start as the Dragon Ball franchise as it has been off the air(TV) for over 18 years now. Still, we get a sense of what’s to come in this summary of dragon ball super episode 3, let’s recap on what we saw last week.

Last week on Dragon Ball Super – Vegeta is on vacation


Vegeta is on vacation, with his first opponent of the series being an Octopus, Goku is off training with king Kai And we also had a brief glimpse of the series primary villain, Lord Beerus, and His dream about the Super- Saiyan God. Other than that its looking like they are just trying to rehash the “battle of the gods” movie to streamline anyone who hadn’t seen it. Now for episode 3!

Super Saiyan God – Talk to me fishy!?


Did you see my last Review?, If not you can find it right HERE! Beerus summons the Oracle Fish to demonstrate his prediction wasn’t false. Though she does let him know that before he went to sleep, that in 39 years’ an impressive adversary would come to match even Beerus, yet strangely she can’t recall the name either. Beerus tries to refresh her memory when he undermines to bring down her day by day dinner check from three to two.


The name is “Super Saiyan God”, gets Whis’ attention and he clarifies that  “Super Saiyans” do exist; one of them, known as Son Goku, figured out how to kill Lord Freeza. Beerus makes up for lost time by speeding on over to where the remaining Saiyans are (planet Earth). Things being what they are, though… Beerus has been on earth some time recently, however, the dinosaurs irritated him… I guess that’s what happened to the dinosaurs!?


Beerus is awed that a Saiyan could overcome Freeza, and taking note of the peculiarity of a Saiyan on a Kai’s planet, the pair choose to make way for the planet earth to get some information about the “Super Saiyan God.” (Please note that this is precisely the same discussion they had in Battle of Gods. Again this is most likely a way of streamlining Beerus for any fans who hasn’t seen the “Battle of the Gods” movie by adjusting it into a curve for the TV arrangement.)

On Earth – Bulma’s birthday gathering


On Earth, krillin, No. 18 and Marron are held up in traffic. It’s the day of Bulma’s birthday gathering, and No. 18 is on edge as she wants to win the Super Bingo Tournament Bulma is holding; The prizes are a plane, a stronghold, a precious stone and a mystery prize! But all things considered, the reason they’re stuck in traffic is because No. 18 was taking quite a while to apply her cosmetics… they get impatient and end up flying. Yamucha, Pu’ar, Tenshinhan and Chaozu have the same idea, and they all head to the gathering together.


Arrangements are being finished and everybody is ready to get on the party yacht. Gohan shows Piccolo his wedding photo, and to his surprise Piccolo’s eyes were closed, I found it a funny scene and made me think back to when piccolo was beating down on him as a kid for some strange reason.. The Turtle Hermit and Oolong are keeping an eye on ladies at the shoreline. Mr. Satan (Hercule) is trying to stop Buu from eating everything before the gathering even starts. The main players are missing -Goku and Vegeta, both preparing, for well… Something. Bulma is dismayed and chooses to leave port without them.

Time to leave dock –No Boat ride for Vegeta


Back at King Kai’s, Goku Freaks out. Kai supposes it’s because of Goku detecting Beerus’ ki, yet it’s something much scarier than that! It’s Bulma’s birthday party, and Goku totally forgot! Beerus and Whis, meanwhile are done with making arrangements… as in lunch for the outing! Beerus is disheartened that it will take 26 minutes (the length of an average anime), yet he lazily will manage it. They start their voyage to Kai’s planet. The Kaioushin sense this and are stunned. The set out straight toward the planet Earth, and there’s nothing they can do to keep Beerus far from Goku, I can’t wait to see this clash.

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