AslashD #1 Bestseller in Mystery and Sci-fi [Digital Manga]

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AslashD #1 Bestseller in Mystery and Sci-fi [New in Digital Manga]
Aslash D – An ongoing Sci-fi police action Manga comic.
2013 – 2015
Graphic novel / Manga / Comic

– Includes the first 3 Chapters!
– 25 Full Color Pages!
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World War 3 was devastating, the remnants of the planet’s population has moved to titanic dome cities deep within the protection of the mighty ocean. They said it was salvation… A new beginning, but what has really changed…

Dome 9; Sol City is taken hostage when the only police station (The S.C.P.D HQ) comes under Attack by an unknown masked man. A small group of Police Officers including the Chief Spencer Woods, Prof. Tyler Cox and the misfit Nelson Huff fight impossible odds to take down this madman retake the city and save their futures.



Art By Bob Raigen
Story By Aaron McGowan & Jake Potter
Hellfun Publishing – © 2013 – 2015

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