Dragon Ball: Super Episode #1 Review [New in Sub]


Dragon Ball: Super Episode #1 Review [New in Sub]


So it’s time for our review of the first episode of Dragon Ball: Super, the new dragonball series that starts where Dragon Ball Z left off 18 years ago, the first official Dragon Ball episode since Dragon Ball Z ended. Here is a summary of dragon ball super episode 1. The new series, Dragon Ball Super picks up directly after the events at the end of Dragonball z, introducing the new threat of Lord Beerus, and to reintroduce the great cast of characters we Love. We know Akira Toriyama is behind this new project, and his love and understanding for the characters truly shows in this first episode.


This first episode ensures to longtime fans that the much criticized sequel series Dragon Ball GT is firmly placed as non-canon. It did well to reintroduce the characters, and explain what they’re up to now. Goku is farming to bring in money for his family. Gohan and Videl are planning their marriage, Trunks and Goten are kids. Chi-Chi is as crazy as ever, and Master Roshi is still a pervert. It was really great seeing all these old faces once again and with thanks to the fansub community, the episode is out but with an occasionally rough, but enjoyable English translation. Beware, as mild spoilers are ahead.

Super picks up much closer to Z than originally thought – starting only 6 months after the fight with Majin Buu and the universal spirit bomb. After the defeat of Buu, Shenron was used to wipe the memories of all those events from all of Earth (aside from the main characters). Goku is working as a farmer, for some reason. Lord Beerus is introduced as clearly the new big bad boss, when he he literally cuts a planet in half by tapping down on a plate with one finger.


Mr. Satan and Good Buu are shown while Satan (Hercule) is given a 100 million zeni prize for keeping the world safe. Goku’s youngest son, Goten, teams with Trunks (Bulma and Vegeta’s son) to find a present for Gohan’s fiancée Videl (Satan’s daughter). This fills in the bulk of the episode as the pair go on an adventure, I love the Trunks/Goten pair from the recent movie and I think the two will be a highlight of the series, the two find themselves in search of a wedding present for Videl. They overhear an old man say that the hot springs near his home can make old skin new again, so they grab a jar, fill it with the water, and present it to her. It’s all very much a “slice of life” episode as Goten and Trunks are adorable and funny to watch.


With only one real action sequence and one other very quick flash of Goku’s brilliance it creates nostalgia and hints at what’s to come nicely, we got a classic and balanced “where are they now” that helps build anticipation for “where will they be.” While we wait for the official U.S. release. I’ll just say it felt right. It was less Dragon Ball Z, and more alike the original Dragon Ball series it was like I was a kid again watching Z for the first time… What did you think? Let us know below.

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